Divine Mercy Explained

Divine Mercy is God’s gift to us. One drop of our beloved Jesus’ blood is enough for the salvation of all mankind.

It is really simple, we ask for forgiveness for our sin, and we receive God’s mercy. I cannot even express how important this is, and from a personal point of view, “my stiff neck”, my pride and arrogance looking inward can be painful. The truth of who I am can be hard to look at.

All Jesus ask is that we come to him and ask for His forgiveness. Jesus’ death on the cross is not in vain, for His blood cleanses us, so that we can be reborn in Him.

Father Chris, MIC in his Explaining the Faith series is a must watch to understand God’s Divine Mercy. Father Chris explains it clearly and gives examples of how we can receive God’s grace.

I covered the first two parts of Understanding Divine Mercy:

In the 3rd part of Father Chris’s Divine Mercy series – The Feast of Divine Mercy and what St. Faustina said:

God Bless 🙏💖