Know Mary

Getting to know Mary is also getting to know her son, Jesus.

That is really a simple truth for me. As I drew closer to Mary in praying the Rosary daily, I started to think about my role as a mother to my own children, and through mediating on the Rosary, I saw the perfect mother mirrored back at me. She is not only my role model, but she is a light that guides me closer to her son, Jesus.

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Meeting and greeting people does not come naturally for me. I am awkward, and lack social finesse. Simple greetings can cause anxiety for me. With time, I learnt how to put on my social mask, and with effort participate in group settings. Getting to know Mary was much the same for me, especially coming from a Protestant background which carries it’s own baggage about our Holy Mother and saints in particular.

With each step I took towards her, I was drawn into her warmth. As I am an organized person, fitting the Rosary into my schedule was easy. Most days, I pray the Rosary in the morning. It starts my day on a positive note. Sometimes, especially when it is sunny and brisk out, I pray the Rosary as I walk the dog early in the morning. There is a wonderful array of online apps, along with material available via Apple music. I am sure the same is available for android devices.

Maintaining a prayerful routine each day has helped me get to know Mary. It has also drawn me closer to Jesus. Mediating on each of the “Sorrow” or “Mystery” has given me insightful depth into my human soul – and my humanity reflected back at me has shown me how flawed I am. The darkness of my soul healed by Jesus.

Know Mary, for she is love. Touched by the Holy Spirit, she carried in her womb our Savior Jesus.

God Bless 💖

Who is Mary?

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The next few weeks, I will explore and contemplate who Mary is. I want to share the importance of our Holy Mother in my life, and, in my walk with Jesus. Through daily Rosary prayers, not only have I deepen my own insights, understanding, and love for Jesus, but I am filled with a longing to share His Divine mercy to others. The light which radiates within is bursting to shine upon all those around me. It has also deepen my respect and love for our Holy Mother and her role in my spiritual life.

Coming from an evangelical Christian background, Mary was never really discussed in sermons, in fact, the only time I hear about her is during Christmas.

I recall Mary from my childhood as the mother of Jesus, whenever we put on a Christmas pageant in school and in Church, and this was in those days long ago when political correctness didn’t govern our school agendas. As a youngster I recall playing the role of one of the shepherds in the nativity story. As a child growing up, she was simply, the virgin mother of Jesus. This understanding continued to echo onwards into my adult life. My own naïve understanding of her did not change until I was drawn into my Catholic Faith.

Today, it grieves me to see how many around me do not know who the Virgin Mary is, and still countless others who commit great blasphemy again her. I think back to my early years, and question, “Why was such a simple and beautiful truth was veiled from me?” All those years when I was a Pentecostal Christian, I must have had blinders on that prevented me from seeing her beyond the “earthly” mother of Jesus. Just as I must not have seen beyond the many passages about Mary in the Bible. I read without understanding – beyond the obvious.

The idea that much is hidden from us because perhaps we were not ready to see it it a topic I will discuss another day. Certainly for those who are interested, please read and follow Father Hezuk Shroff in Contemplating the Eucharistic Mystery with Saint Thomas Aquinas: Ongoing Series – Be Inspired! ( He presents a great discussion on “seeing” and the “unseen” in his 7th episode.

Today, I present you and hope the above video’s answer for you, “Who is Mary”.

29 But she was much perplexed by his words and pondered what sort of greeting this might be. 30 The angel said to her, ‘Do not be afraid, Mary, for you have found favour with God. 31 And now, you will conceive in your womb and bear a son, and you will name him Jesus.

Luke 1:29-31

Let’s watch, discover, and mediate on the question, “Who is Mary?”

God Bless 💖