I wasn’t sure how I would share this with my readers, but I must, and let you be the judge and discern. Exactly a year ago I had a prophetic dream. I often get them, and when I do they are usually messages for others especially concerning their health.

I won’t interpret these dreams, and hope they can be a source of inspiration for each in walking more closely with God, and pray for Humanity. Our creation was based on God’s immense love for us. Our role was to care for his creation.

Dream 1

Before Easter last year, I had a dream of a haggard woman pushing a broken carriage with a dead baby across a desolate landscape. Below this land, there lived a woman alone in some vaulted space. On the ground were rolls and rolls of circular holes out of which sprung young plant life of all kinds. Here the air was clear. The woman (me) underground was discovered by a soldier. He assured me I will be safe, and would not disclose my location.

Dream 2

This time last year my dream centred around an image of the universe – an indigo blue alighted with stars. A golden grid divided this space and on the other side of this were translucent bubbles. There were millions upon millions of these bubbles housing what seem to be souls. These bubbles were blocked by a golden grid and could not enter into the other side. It was a very visual dream. I remember waking up and asking God what to do with this dream. While praying I was told to tell my deacon this dream. My deacon emailed me two weeks later. The dream was meaningful for him.

However as I think about this dream, it has grace implications for humanity.

Dream 3

There are cameras everywhere, but I have learnt how to avoid them. Walking on the street in an awkward position (bent over) so as the cameras could not capture my face. However I was being watched by someone monitoring the area from a secure place.

I remember telling a friend about this dream and she also had a dream the same night. In her dream, she dreamt of ballon’s tied to people and it controlled their movement.

Dream 4

I am sleeping in a narrow bed with a stranger. There was no other room, and many had to make do to sleep where they can. I walk a ways and visit a camp where I meet former students. It is good to see them and I embrace them in a warm hug. They cannot leave this place. Those I know in this camp are of a specific religious group. I leave them and think of a time past, when we were free to go wherever we want.

I have had many dreams lately, and many I can’t remember – other times, I’ll get a memory or a glimpse, but I do know one was of a chastisement – I recall talking to my priest about it. It is so pertinent now for each of us to pray for peace. To pray for humanity. To pray for God’s hand in our battle against good and evil. Yes, we are in a spiritual warfare.

I can personally say that Satan is active, and it’s important we pray for God’s blessing on mankind.

Please pray specifically that Easter, and especially Monday can be celebrated in peace and love. Let us pray so that with all our voices lifted to heaven, Satan and any evil plans are crushed by the foot of our beloved Mother Mary.

God Bless 💖