This page is an informative one on Garabandal. For all those who want to understand it in terms of our time and age, I hope this will inspire readers to share the light of Jesus.

It’s easy to live in fear waiting for what may come, but this falls right into Satan’s grasp. In the past (especially during Covid-19 lockdowns) we stored food and essentials with the belief we were preparing for leaner times. This triggered fear and anxiety. These are distractions drawing our hearts away from God. In the end, the answer lies in living a life in Christ – being the best, loving the unlovable, and being Christ centred.

All Marian Apparition are also signs of hope and drawing us to Jesus. Garabandal videos as recommended by Father Luke for a deeper understanding of the theme of hope in it, and to live a Christ centred life in the light of hope.

From Father Luke: