Shoosh Noise!

OMG, it’s 6:30 pm and I need to get online and log into Guild War 2, or I’ll be missing the nightly world boss event (Defeat Tequatl the Sunless).  Before I realize it, I’ve been playing for 4 hours straight!  Where did the time go?

White noise is not bad in moderation, but as I’ve come to realize it’s everywhere around me.  At home, my world is a twirling swirl of “white noise”.  There is the distance hum of the refrigerator,  the spinning sound from the dryer as I am writing this post, to the buzzing of the fan my laptop sits upon.   I live in noise!  Most of the time I don’t notice it. However, when I am trying to concentrate, the noise around me is more evident.  Go figure!  “White noise” can drive me to distraction.

When I was a student, I use to procrastinate before settling down to study by cleaning the whole house.   Yeah I was having a hard time buckling down to work. As I got older, my slew of devices from the iPhone, iPad to my online gaming became handicaps to drown out what needed to get done, or it help drown out the stress of teaching, or push the personal life anxieties I was experiencing into the crevice of my mind.  What I don’t see, I don’t need to examine.

Yes, I have got to say, “white noise” helps in covering up the immediate, and is effective in keeping my mind so occupied, I  don’t need to think or feel.  Every moment of my day, “white noise” also blocks me from dealing with what’s essential in my personal walk with Christ.   My world overloads my senses, so that in essences, I am never essentially alone.

White Noise – according to Clay Scroggins is “a form of sound masking, and I couldn’t agree more.

It keeps our mind and being so cluttered with non essential time wasters that it prevents me from being in God’s presence with a pure heart.

8 Blessed are the pure in heart,for they will see God.  Matthew 5:8 | NIV

These days I yearn for silence, and ironically the more I seek quiet time, the more I get disturbed or side tracked.   Today I sought the empty classroom of one of my colleague for just that – only to have her interrupt me a number of times to the point I gave up.  I decided to be mindful of her need to chatter, and put aside my own need. Being in the moment came first in this instance.   I also got a chance to explain to her why I was seeking alone time with God.

Why has the issue of silence become so important to me?

So I can hear Gods whisper.

I need to pare down on the “white noise” around me.

Data turned off today – Woot!

I’m not sure how it started, and perhaps the process of restoration with God is a part of my life long journey.  Perhaps is was through a series of life events that moved me to draw closer to God.  Maybe it was the need to share my love of Jesus with my children before they become immersed in   our secular world.  Nevertheless something triggered inside me – intangible and profound.

Once my relationship with Christ was restored, I saw my world anew.  The old kinda slipped away, and in came the new:

17 Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come:[a] The old has gone, the new is here!  2 Corinthians 5:17 (NIV)

I can certainly attest to this!


Shooing away “white noise”, has been an interesting process as I identify how obsessive and dependent some of them are in my life.  My iPhone alone is a trove of white noise. Notifications abound from Facebook (and messenger), twitter and all my social media (Kik, Whats-app, Skype, Team speak, etc.) to “you’ve got mail”, to text reminders, and text messages.

Deleting Facebook, and messenger is one of the best things I’ve done in cutting the white noise out of my life. The daily thumb scrolling to see what my “friends” are up to became obsessive.  Well, do I really need to see what they do day in and day out? Do I really need a blow by blow of their daily schedule, along with where they are every hour or so?   OK a bit of an exaggeration, but you get my drift.  I also deleted most of my social media chat accounts.   How the heck did I use to have time for all this?

Oh then there’s the television – not necessarily a bad thing, but throw in Netflix, and I have the biggest vehicle for wasting time yet!  During the Christmas holidays,  I watched all the holiday themed chick flicks in two days.   Most recently, I watched all 10 episodes of Westworld – a HBO series in one day.  Binge watching is not a good thing.  I cancelled Netflix, and downsized my television programming with the excuse to my kids – “No, television during school week!”  After a few weeks, the habit of nightly television watching kinda passed.  We do not miss it!

The past few months I noticed I don’t log online much to play one of the many online games I use to play (GW2 and Tera is my short list).  Oh the mores of a hardcore gamer!   Wow, I can’t even figure out how the heck I had time to play them all.

Yes, it’s a matter of priorities, and these days my shift of focus is clearer since I eliminated most of the “white noise” from my life.  I am not perfect, but I am chipping away at it daily.   Today I challenged myself to stop thumb scrolling the daily news from all major online media outlets, and  I was successful.  Who needs the negative and “fake” news anyways?

Drawing closer to God, and being in the moment, has revealed to me the importance of my family – of their Spiritual well being, of time spent with them, and of seeking a deeper relationship with them as well.  Time passes quickly, and in a blink of an eye, they are all grown up.   Why waste it on “white noise”.

As I move close to God, I also seek more time alone with Him.   These days I wait till the kids are in bed, so I can meditate on His word, watch one of the many teaching sermons from North Point Community Church and Buckhead Church, and with every opportunity, I praise Him.  This is also my time to reflect and blog – my way of sharing the Good News of my Savior Jesus.

Most of all, I long to hear His whisper, and to be in His presence.

6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.   Matthew 6:6 | NIV



Below is the first episode of White Noise,  This sermon moved me to reflect and write this post.   When God opens my heart, He also reveals to me my short comings, so that I can with a joyful heart, be made new in Him. ❤


White Noise


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