Ratzinger, Tyconius, and Fatima: An Interpretive Key for the End Times

This is a repost of an article I came across which gives a good analysis and insight into the divided church. I know as a new Catholic (from Evangelicals Protestant), one of the questions I get asked is, “How can you convert to Catholicism when there are endless scandals within the church?”

Well I can’t explain it, except this is where the Holy Spirit lead me, and I am fully aware of the dark thread that runs across not only our church, but in our world.

This article by Marco Tosatti, looks at the works and writings of Tyconius from which Ratzinger had studied most of his life and also looks at Fatima warnings to give an interpretive look:

God Bless 🙏💕

2 thoughts on “Ratzinger, Tyconius, and Fatima: An Interpretive Key for the End Times

  1. This will be the third time in three days straight that I will have read the entire essay. It sheds new light on reading and understanding the Apocalypse of St. John.
    -God bless Pope Benedict XVI

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    1. Same, I have reread it a few times and it brings to light a deeper understanding of our times. I am also reading Pope JP2 Theology of the Body and others authors writing on this, and it really explains how our sacramental worldview has been overcome with modernist ideology.


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