Prayerful Habits

Praying and my quiet time with God is one of the most important part of my day. It is keeping in touch with my beloved, sharing with him my joys, cheers, fears, and angst.

In the past I haven’t always used prayer apps, but now that I am back at work, I use them daily.

Back into the throngs of being governed by a hectic schedule, my quiet time with God has changed. My morning prayer time has changed using the Amen App developed by the St. Augustine Institute. It has transformed my morning in starting the day on a positive note – Holy and Saintly.

I am up at 4:30 am when my family is still sleeping. Alone, a great way to start my day while eating breakfast, is listening to one of the daily meditations in the Amen App. It is a positive start of my day over scrolling and reading the daily news on my device.


This app is free, and one of the best out there. I use this app when praying the rosary while waiting for the bus. On the bus, in the metro, and sometimes during lunch, instead of mindlessly scrolling through Instagram or Facebook, I pray one of the prayers in the Amen app.

It helps me keep Jesus centred and focused throughout my day – especially during the day when I need His help to get me through the challenges of teaching – and life.

Apps from the Marian Fathers:

God Bless 🙏💕

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