Daily Devotion

The Divine Mercy Chaplet 3:00 EST

Praying daily has enriched my walk with Christ. As His Holy Spirit works within me, I am drawn to pray not only for all those I love, but to pray for the salvation of all mankind. Explaining this articulately is not easy. It is not simply a feeling, but a deep stirring within that brims with a love for those around us. I am moved to pray for not only strangers in our midst, but for the down trodden, lost and seeking.

Through The Divine Mercy, I have discovered the writings of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska. She devoted her short life doing just that, praying for lost souls, and spreading the news of God’s divine mercy and love for all of us.

Each day at 3:00 pm, I delight in joining Seminarians from The Divine Mercy to pray the Divine Mercy Chaplet.

I have linked the prayer here: The Divine Mercy Chaplet – Be Inspired! (rejoiceandpraise.ca)

Marian Devotional Movement

This awesome world wide organization is active in providing a medley of activities for those looking to deepen not only their faith, but their relationship with our Holy Mother.

Through this organization, I have found new found joy in reading the Bread of Life by St. Thomas Aquinas. It has also deepened my spiritual life and devotion to Jesus and Holy Mary.

Going to their website will give you an idea of all their projects. What’s awesome is they are all free. I signed up and get daily emails reminding me of Rosary and event time:

Marian Devotional Movement (visitationproject.org)

There is also a list of free pdf on their website for a newbie like me.

True Devotion Cenacle

Their True Devotion Cenacle can be found here: True Devotion Cenacle – Marian Devotional Movement (visitationproject.org). This is lead weekly by Father Lance Harlow, the author of The Echo of God via zoom or online. It is also available on Youtube: