The list of books and links below is to provide more information to the curious about the “journey home” It is not a to buy list to gift. I find that in our journey to Jesus, the need to draw nearer is personal and intimate. Being given a book by the “other” no matter how well intended it may be, only creates a negative impact rather than a positive one.

Books I am reading at the moment.

I’ll add to this list, but for now, these are books I’ve finished reading or am reading.

The Bread of Life
by St. Thomas Aquinas
follow along on YouTube:

My Catholic Faith

This is the first of the series from My Catholic Life:

It is also a free download from Apple books

Catholic and Christian

by Alan Schreck

This book gives a detail explanation of misunderstood Catholic beliefs.

Rome Sweet Home

by Scott and Kimberly Hann

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I love this book for the insights into the doctrine and beliefs between the faith.

OnLine resources has daily readings that will help you follow the Catholic Mass online. Mine are sent to me via email. The reading list includes Reading 1, the Responsorial Psalm, the Alleluia and the Gospel. Reading this before the Catholic Mass will give you insight into God’s word. The one element I love about the Catholic faith, is that all readings are the same world wide…it does not matter what part of the world you are in, all Catholics are all united in the same reading, teaching and Holy inspiration.

Today, I watch the daily Catholic Mass of my Parish. They stream daily every morning at 9:00 am. Before I found my Parish, I watched online. Divine Mercy out of the U.S. was one of my favorite: If you check their daily watch list, they have reoccurring series on “Explaining the Faith Series”:

The Laudate Apps is available for both android and iOS: This little tool is also handy as it gives you all the options to participate online along with all the necessary readings of the day. It also has the Catechism Compendium in different versions, if you don’t want to order the actual book like I did.

One of my favorite is “Stand With Father James Altman” – He speaks it as it is – the TRUTH: He speaks from the heart, and moves us to strengthen our faith. He is an ex-lawyer who in his 40’s changed his path. He is a bit radical, but I can relate to his insights because in the past, I myself was very much into Leftist ideology and have an understanding of it’s doctrine. I didn’t understand it at the time, but this ideology is anti-God and anti-Life.