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October 10th, 2021

Rosary Coast to Coast in Canada: https://rosarycoasttocoast.ca/

Rosary Coast to Coast in the US: https://rosarycoasttocoast.com/rosary-coast-to-coast-2021/

June 11, 12, 13, 2021

40 Hour devotion: restoration of faith


Free registration at Upcoming Events!!! – John Leaps

May 2021

Alpha May 26- Save your spot

Sign up and reserve your spot in the upcoming Alpha program.

This program is especially dear to me when I journeyed back to Christ. It opened up a spiritual wealth for me that has deepened my own personal journey with God. Although it’s set in Montreal, there are many participants from across North American and overseas.

You can sign up by clicking the link below:

Alpha | St. Ignatius of Loyola MTL

Year of St. Joseph Virtual Conference

March 19th, 2021

This conference will take place on the Feast of St. Joseph.

 is an eye opener!!! You can’t miss this conference as we progress in the precise timing of God in this specific time in history!

Mass celebrated by Bishop Bill Byrne

Father Donald Calloway, MIC

Father Cris Alar, MIC

Father Justin Cinnante, O Carm

Craig Turner, Catholic Speaker/Author Lighthouse Press

Fr. Jeff Pomeisl, Priest and HS Chaplain

Free Registration: Year of St. Joseph Conference (johnleaps.com)

March 22, 2021

At the Holy Name of Jesus Parish in Laval, Quebec

HNOJ parish Lenten Mission led by Chris Bray. Chris Bray is a dynamic full time travelling Catholic speaker & musician. Chris will be inviting us to reflect on the question, how do you want to be different at Easter than you are right now? Through music, prayer & reflection we will explore this question with Chris. The Lenten Mission will take place on two nights on Zoom: March 22nd at 7PM. Feel free to invite family & friends to join.