Jesus is King

Time has past so quickly since Christmas, and it’s hard to believe so much has happened since Chinese New Year.

Since the beginning of my province and nation wide self quarantine at home, we have been taking it one day at a time. I’ve been working from home, and other than reading, catching up on some C drama, I’ve been basically cleaning and working from home.

Working from home I’ve lost track of the time and often work late into the night. Multitasking with my iPhone, iPad and computer. I am really embarrassed to admit it.

Today I took a break! My kids took a break today from their online courses. I also chilled today. Today was the first time in weeks I turned off my computer, tuned out off the news, and relaxed. I took time to cook up a healthy broth for Japanese Ramen.

Saturday 😀

I’ve been also thinking of God a lot. I feel the need to talk about him, and share His story. I also feel we (Christians) are being forced to explore new mediums by which to witness for Jesus.

This is the first time in our generation where we won’t be celebrating Passover or Easter in a Church. Not only that, given some restrictions on how many can gather, it’s the first time when Christians can’t worship together in home churches. The no more than 5 rule applies due to self quarantine.

I’ll be celebrating Passover online tomorrow. There are a few choices. One of the ones I like, and appeals to my children is Elevation Church in Toronto. Here is their site:

We went to their Christmas Service when we were visiting Toronto. What appealed to me was their use of interactive multimedia. Their spunky down to earth Christian message along with loud music, and interactive videos is something my kids can relate to. A bit too noisy for me, but for my children weaned on technology – if they can hear God’s word in all that white noise, then that’s fine with me.

I still can’t figure out how my kids can study while listening to music, face timing, reading while also on their laptop and phone. Oh, I just realized I do the same minus the music😂

Many churches like the 180 Church in my community are now are forced to use other mediums to communicate with their congregations. Using YouTube is one of the cheaper options for churches with less finances. Local churches like these are facing challenges. I pray they can weather the COVID-19 Pandemic. Check out Paster Dom’s Palm Sunday story:

Mega churches with operating cost like North Point Community Church and it’s sister congregations in Canada reach a wider audience.

There is also Judah Smith and his organization with a downloadable apps :

I’m not advocating one church over another. I’m just naming some very different ones that people can access online. For dispensationalist look at Gods words:

Let’s support one of of the online churches as we celebrate Palm Sunday tomorrow and Easter next week. Let us not despair and know that God has His hands on His Church and all Christians. Let us all read the Bible and reflect on the meaning of Palm Sunday.

For me Palm Sunday is a special event. In it we celebrated Jesus as king as we remember him entering the city of Jerusalem on a donkey as people lay down palm leaves. (Matthew 21:1-11). The beginning of the journey to Christ’s crucifixion.

As a child of God there is great joy as we proclaim Jesus as King. But there is great sadness for me as I recall the fickleness of our human heart. His journey there after also looks into our hearts – as it explores many facets of our humanness.

I’ll will explore Jesus’ journey this week up until the day of His crucifixion. For today and tomorrow I will reflect of His journey into Jerusalem. I pray for all Christians to arise and bellow out – Jesus is King!

Let us all take the time to go online and worship the word of God❤️

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