Seed of Wickedness

I was recently asked, “how could you consider becoming a member of the Catholic faith, when it’s been tainted by corruption and pedophilia”.

A loaded question!

Corruption has always existed in every facet of the human condition, and it’s no different in the Catholic Church. Just as sexual immorality and pedophilia is rampant today, it also existed throughout the history of mankind. It is more magnified because it’s in the Catholic Church – the bastion of all truth and righteousness. In the past, in reoccurring incidents as such, the pedophile was sent off to some distant monastery to live out the rest of his life in isolation.

Today we live in a technical age where the truth will always be uncovered. The research I’ve done and know will make most heads spin – because it’s dark and evil. Yes. I became a Catholic despite knowing all this.

It’s important to know the context, and understand that within each of us exists the seed of evil. This is our post Eden reality. This seed will ferment and fester if we don’t have Jesus at the the centre of our life.

God called me to his church not for the leadership, but for his church and the body of Christ. Catholicism is steep in scripture and Biblical teaching, along with all the rich insights from incredibly humble Saints. These are the simple “everyman” who stood out spiritually during important times within in our history. I would also emphasize, they made great contributions at different junctions in our world history.

Saints loved and served God. They were not perfect, because they were fallible humans like you and me. Through their writings and diaries, we get a glimpse of their humanity and their personal angst, joys, and love. We become voyeurs into their intimate relationship with Jesus through their writings. These are a treasure trove – legacies – that gives us a personal glimpse into the depth and width of Gods mercy and faith.

Most Protestants don’t understand the respect we have for Holy Mary. I didn’t. However, through praying the Rosary, I’ve grown to love and respect her as the Holy Mother. Meditating on each passion, my veil has been lifted and I can see the heart of my human soul. I’ve been called by God a for deeper relationship with Him, His son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

I’m called to pray for not just myself, but for my family, my community and most of all, my world. This is hard to explain, as it’s something that weights upon my heart. Perhaps I feel like this, because I understand the depth of what sin is, along with insight into Gods’ overwhelming grace and mercy. I am moved to pray for the salvation of all those around me, because it’s countdown time. We don’t have much time. We are the bride waiting.

I don’t want anyone left behind. I’ve been called by God to follow His will. How do I know? I know! Am I being delusional? It’s answer comes through prayer, and the serendipitous way God moves in my life.

At the heart of Catholicism is Jesus, the Bible, and the early church. This is the foundation. The Catholic Church is like a family. Within it are the squabbling between siblings. The Mass is based on scripture, Eucharist and prayer. A sincere worship of Jesus without the high emotionalism of hyped music and fire sermons.

God Bless🙂

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