Remembering to Pray

Out of the depths I call to you, Lord hear my ….

Wow, as I look on the date of my last post, it’s been a long while.

As the world is buckling down with isolation and social distancing – I feel all around me the uncertainty and the anxiety created is also felt by all citizens of this globe.

I discovered this blog:

The following is a PDF I found by E M Bound – Power Through Prayer:


With all kinds of restrictions and governmental mandates in place, and as we are forced to stay home – rather than look at all the negative implications that can drag our spirit and soul down, I found that reading can nourish the soul as it draws me closer to GOD.

Why prayer?

Prayer is talking to God.

Taking the time to talk to God!

The past while, I have only given God a quick shout out! I didn’t even realize I wasn’t give God more time. It became a quick nod and a quick word minus the depth. Somehow God has become one of my followers as I send a quick “Instagram” update on my daily “what nots”. The past few months, I have not taken the time to hold a serious conversation with him. Nor have I taken the time to spend with him. I think I’ve spend more time reading daily news feeds than I have the BIBLE. I became a news junkie!

Gods – He who has unconditional love, He who has forgiven us for all our ugly deeds through the blood of His son Jesus, and – WHAT? – I don’t take the time to pray and listen? All I can do is humbly fall upon my knees like a child and say “I’m sorry”. I hope unlike a child, I don’t “forget” and do the same again.

Like a loving parent, God always has a way of reminding us and drawing us back into His arms (fold). Whether through others, chains of events, or like now, a world wide COVID-19 pandemic – God draws us back even though the Churches are forced apart. HE reminds us to draw near to HIM and PRAY. A quick text to God, quick hello, a quick blah blah blah, just doesn’t cut it anymore.

While I’m “forced” to self quarantine at home, I spent my first week observing all the media frenzy about the COVID-19 pandemic, worrying senseless about my high risk Asthma. I also had a frenzied mind set upon disinfecting and maintaining all the protocols as mandated by the government.

By the end of the last week I started to see the hand of God upon this world as I thought back to his teachings in the Bible.

In a world now where the Church cannot congregate, one gets the sense that there is something deeper at play which suppresses all those who know God, and blind all those who don’t know Him from knowing Him.

Hence, I take the time to draw nearer to God. I don’t ask the whys, I can only laid upon him my fears, angsts, and all the negative I feel within as well as all the cheers and joy of his hands in my life. I can only tell HIM I believe in Him, and trust His hand is upon me.

Praise be to God!


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