Revelations and Messages

Every so often I come across a book that not only opens my mind and lead me to have a deeper understanding our time in relationship to scripture and God, but the message is one I feel I must share with others. This would be my way of sharing the light of Jesus and the love of his mother for humanity.

I started reading, Revelations The Hidden Secret Messages and Prophecies of the Blessed Virgin Mary, by Xavier Reyes-Ayral, and for all those who know nothing or little about Marian Apparitions, I suggest this read.

I recommend this book, as it researches and delves into all apparitions of our time starting with the Apparition of La Salette to the more recent Apparitions of Gospa (Medjugorje).

It is informative and recounts the original accounts and text – many of which have been hidden from the public by the Vatican. They were deemed too dangerous for us. In each apparition, our Blessed Mother has given dire warnings of a coming chastisement, of repentance, and of returning to the word of her son – Jesus.

It is also a warning of the chastisement to come for our sinfulness, for turning away from God and his truths, and of humanities embrace of secularism – where evil reigns rampant and is now in the open. Where this same evilness is in our face and normalized. It is also warnings about our complacency and acceptance of a politically correct socialist and liberal narrative – that pushes God out. It also warns of the divide in our Universal Church, and of the coming Anti-Christ.

There is also hope!


From 1846 to the present day, the Vatican has maintained quite the same message brought forth from Heaven by different messengers across time and across vast distances and continents. This message echoes the gravest of admonitions and calls mankind to convert and find refuge through the knowledge of the truth, which today threatens the very basis of world peace… Today, in 2022, the message of La Salette, La Fraudais, Tilly, Fatima, Garabandal, Akita and Medjugorje, and their secrets take a meaning of the greatest importance, as the admonitions brought forth by the Blessed Virgin Mary warn of a cataclysmic global disaster which has now become imminent. The Church’s apprehension of frightening the masses, inspired inaction and Rome’s decision to silence – founded more on fear than on caution – led millions of faithful to the darkness of ignorance and, therefore, to a lack of necessary conversion, prayers and intercession for peace. This book proposes unveiling the light and, thus, asking humanity to respond to the call of a warm and loving mother who merely seeks the salvation of her children.

About the author:

Xavier Reyes-Ayral is a French author who has worked since the 1990s on Marian apparition sites through books he published in France, Germany and Italy. Having, for a few years, briefly collaborated with world-renowned Msgr. René Laurentin, Xavier Reyes-Ayral has continued to study apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary throughout Europe, Canada and Latin-America.

God Bless 🙏💕

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