Music For The Soul

Toronto with Matt and MeiMei aka Aleeza

While wearing the mom mask, a question which continuously haunts me is, “What kind of legacy will I leave my children?” This thought is even more prevalent today as I look around me – a world in COVID-19 pandemic overdrive.

When I’m dead and gone, what will they remember about me? Do I dare tell them of my many zany stories walking from the left to the right, or of the anguished walks that were oftentimes spiritually rocky? They are my stories of a living God, of a guiding hand, and of a healer.

Who am I? It’s not because of who I am, it’s because of who YOU are, that I can look in the mirror and know who I am. From forever questioning, and finally finding the living hope in Him – Jesus. Out of my angst there is only Him – my Saviour.

When I think about my life, I think of God’s amazing grace. His hands time and time again guiding me back into his embrace – His mercy and unending love abound.

Hence, the one precious thing I want to leave my children when I am dead and gone is my immense love for my Saviour – Jesus. I want to tell them of His love for me and you.

I want my children to know Him more.

I want my children to love Him, to trust Him, and depend on Him as I do!

This compilation of songs is for me, you, us. They are music for the soul. May each of us discover the precious presence of Jesus, and God’s deep love for me, you, us🌷

I love you – Aleeza and Matt❤️here is my compilation of my favourite music for you:


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