Palm Sunday

2019 Easter dinner
Every year Easter was a time we got together with my husband’s family. It was a festive occasion with lots of home cooked goodies, and chocolate for the children.
This year we will celebrate Easter with just the four of us and our online Christian community.

I remember one Sunday when my children were young, we celebrated Palm Sunday with palm leaves. This year all church communities across Canada cannot gather together to rejoice – Jesus is King!

Before we went to bed the night before, I watched with my daughter a post from the 180 Church Kid Zone Ministry:

Palm Sunday story with Paster Dom

There is also a cute and short animation for younger children by Crossroads Kids’ Club:

God’s Story: Palm Sunday

For older teens, there is What’s the Significance of a Triumphant Entry. This video is by Got Questions Ministries. It explore Palm Sunday with more depth.

I’m excited to tune in online today to worship and remember Christ’s triumphant entry into Jerusalem. Even though I am isolated in my home, I look forward to logging online at 9:30. Government laws and the world gone crazy with COVID-19 will not be an obstacle to worship.

Tune in with me at 9:30 am for the 180 Live Church.

Or at 10:30 and 11:30 for the live broadcast from:

Let us get together and rejoice in Christ Jesus.

God Bless❤️

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